I stand in quiet confidence.

Just as the stag stands majestically at the top of the hill, I choose to stand in quiet confidence. I am enough, just as I am.

I am starting to realize my magnificence. I also see the magnificence in all beings. I truly see the majesty of this beautiful world.

I stand tall. I feel my feet fully rooted into the ground. I feel my stability. I feel my strength. I feel my courage. I feel my confidence build with each step I take.

I feel invincible. I feel my majesty. I feel my power. I use the stag as my symbol for these qualities.

I feel my nobility. I come from an amazing lineage.

I am feeling my stamina increase and my energy get stronger. I stand strong in my beliefs.

I realize that my presence is everything. I know I am a powerful influencer. I know that my energy can fill up the room.

I see from a higher perspective now. It is like the stag at the top of the hill. I am wiser than before. I am more mature.

Today, just like the antlers of the stag, I am connected to my higher power. I get better reception from my higher guidance. I have all my awareness at maximum attention. I can stand in quiet confidence.

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